• UNDER 18S:

• Perfect Host Homestay Ltd takes great care when dealing with student/guests under the age of 18. When working with schools/agents, we follow their guidelines and inform the hosts they are accommodating these particular schools’ students/guests. We also inform hosts of any specific requests and requirements which have previously been given to parents/guardians by the school or agent.

• Hosts must read and understand our own Safeguarding Policy, Bullying and Harassment Policy and Junior Guidelines as well carry out Fire Risk Assessments in their homes and have a valid Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS).

• Perfect Host Homestay Ltd recognises that Safeguarding is about the welfare of Under 18s when under the supervision of the host, which includes: their stay in the house; while out accompanied by the host and, when travelling unaccompanied (only with written permission from the parent/guardian) – thus ensuring that they are as knowledgeable as possible of the student’s surroundings and travel route.

• Under 18s will be given curfew times depending on their age. Under 18s must follow the curfew times. If the Under 18 year old is aware that they will be late, they must inform their host immediately. If a host decides that the set curfew times are not appropriate and wishes the Under 18 to return home earlier, their say is final. If no curfew time has been specifically set for the student/guest, then recommended curfew times are stated in host confirmation letters.

• 13 & younger – must not be allowed out of the homestay unaccompanied at anytime

• 14-15 years old – must be home between 21.00hrs & 21.30hrs

• 16-17 years old – must be home between 22.00hrs & 22.30hrs

• If the student fails to arrive home by these times, then hosts must contact PHH emergency numbers. We also suggest that hosts take student’s/guest’s own mobile number on the day of arrival.

• This information is presented to and agreed by hosts upon initial visit. Hosts are continually reminded of this when accommodating Under 18s. This information is relevant to all individuals who are in contact with Under 18s whilst under the supervision of hosts.

• Parents/guardians choose homestay accommodation for the peace of mind obtained in the knowledge that their child/children are not alone during their experience in London.

They will be in a home away from home, with comfortable surroundings and a host who will help, listen and take care of them. Perfect Host Homestay Ltd ensures that if for any reason an Under 18 is not happy within their accommodation, we will find an alternative. No Under 18 year old will be expected to live unhappily in one of our homestays and we will always strive to ensure any problems are handled and resolved between ourselves and the schools/agents/parents/guardians as quickly as possible.

• Perfect Host Homestay Ltd. reviews its policies on dealing with Under 18s on a yearly basis in order to ensure their safety and well-being. Any changes are relayed to hosts during our yearly visits and/or spot checks of the homestay accommodation.