Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodation consists of living in a home with any members who reside at the home. All of our hosts are situated between travel zones 2-5 and are within walking distance of the bus stops, underground tube network or the over-ground network which take you into the Centre of London for schools or sightseeing. Hosts come from various ethnic origins and are carefully chosen for their friendliness, hospitality and willingness to welcome international students/guests into their home. Many hosts have been accommodating students/guests for many years.

PHH and our Hosts are happy to accept any student(s) needing to quarantine within homestay due to Covid-19. Students will be provided with full board for this period and can then change to the board of the their choice, confirmed before their arrival. All student(s) need to ensure they have their quarantine tests booked before the arrival into homestay and ensure they complete and return in order to keep themselves and host(s) safe. All student(s) will be required to wear a mask within the communal areas of the homestay and regularly wash their hands while quarantining and follow all up to date UK Government Guidelines during their entire stay. We ask all host(s) to do the same and keep the home as ventilated as possible. Individual hosts may also have their own house rules regarding Covid-19 that we would expect to be followed during this time and ask all to be respectful of these requests.

PHH have also put in place a self-declaration forms for schools and Host’s to ensure all UK Government Guidelines are being followed including any changes that are enforced during the stay of a student(s). Students are responsible to ensure they are aware and in compliance with the guidelines specific to the UK and specific to where they are travelling from. In order for PHH to place any student(s) in homestay, student(s) will also need to complete a Self-Declaration form that can been found in our Feedback and Application Form section. It will be their responsibility to ensure all relevant documentation and testing is in order and copies sent to PHH. Student(s) will also need to have proof of their vaccination status, which PHH will need to see before the arrival into homestay. In order to maximise the safety of our student(s) and hosts, PHH also request student(s) to provide a negative test, either a lateral flow or PCR, depending on their eligibility of the country they are travelling from.

Hosts come from many backgrounds including

• Teachers & Lecturers

• Lawyers

• Police officers

• Nurses

• Architects

• Retirees

• Single parents

• Mature parents

• Couples with and without children

• Retail workers

Hosts offer various boards that students/guests can choose from:

Self Catering:

The host will provide no food whatsoever and you will be required to do your own cooking with use of the kitchen facilities.

Bed & Breakfast:

The host will provide you with a continental breakfast which will consist of:

• Cereals with milk

• Toast with butter, jam or marmalade

• Tea/coffee and fruit juice

Half Board:

The host will provide you with breakfast as above and an evening meal, which will consist of:

• Meat or fish with potatoes / rice and vegetables or pasta with sauce

• Hot or cold dessert: yoghurt, cake or fruit

• A drink: cold water or fruit juice

Full Board:

The host will provide you with breakfast as above, an evening meal as above and a packed lunch which should consist of:

• A sandwich (2 slices of bread) with a filling i.e. ham, chicken, cheese, tuna or egg

• A piece of fruit i.e. apple, orange, pear, banana or seasonal fruit

• A packet of crisps

• Small bottle of drinking water or juice

We ask both hosts and the students/guests to communicate with each other to establish what foods are liked or disliked. Any religious/cultural food requirements must be given at the time of the booking and can also be discussed with the host.

All homestays are visited and met by a member of our company and are spot-checked every six months to ensure that our high standards are kept. We never expect anyone to stay where we would not feel safe ourselves. If we are not entirely happy with either a host or home, we will not place the information on our database. We never keep unsuitable host information even if only to be used in an emergency.

All hosts that have accepted to care for under 18′s have completed a “Declaration of suitability to work with children form” Act 1989 and are DBS Enhanced checked.

Perfect Host Homestay Ltd. fully understands the need for students/guests, their family and the hosts to feel that they are receiving personal attention.

All parties are given two emergency telephone numbers on their confirmation letters/paperwork that can be used out of office hours, 24 hours a day at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

All hosts give the guests aged 16+ a key so they can come and go as they please. Most hosts do not have time limits in the home, but guests arriving home late should remember that other people in the home maybe sleeping and it is always best to pre-warn hosts of your whereabouts for your safety as well as their peace of mind.

Meal times will be arranged between the guest and the host on arrival. The hosts will explain the best and the cheapest way to and from the school, college, university or work placements you are attending or whether just going sight seeing in London.

Most hosts have internet access available for students but if it is a necessity please do make sure you make this an additional request so we can ensure it is made available for your stay.

En-suite facilities can be arranged in all zones at an additional charge but we ask that this request is made with as much advance notice as possible as they become booked very quickly.

Each student/guest is different, but we have compiled a short introduction that we suggest you read through just to gain a general knowledge of

Accommodation Prices

Homestays are located in London’s travel zones 2, 3, 4 & 5 which also include the suburbs of London and are within easy access of the Centre of London. The Centre of London is mainly commercial and not residential, zones 4 & 5 homes are more spacious and are in a less crowded area. London transport is accessible to all zones and will only be a few minutes extra added to your journey.Please find below our prices based on which board and zone you require:

Zone 2 and 3

Half Board








Self Catering




Zone 4 and 5

Half Board








Self Catering




Prices are based per person per week. A £80 supplement per week is applicable for private bathroom facilities across all zones.

£5.50 will be charged for the summer Supplement from 01 June until 31st August

Additional Charges:

11-15 £40.00 supplements per week per person,

6-10 £50.00 supplements per week.

Under 6 £60.00 supplements per week.

Christmas/New Year supplement £50.00 per person.

£75.00 Booking fee per person.

Dietary Requirements such as Halal meat, Gluten Free, Lactose intolerant etc is a £40.00 per person per week supplement.

En-suite rooms available across all Zones AT £80.00 per person per week supplement

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We welcome as much feedback as possible from all students/guests to ensure our level of services are kept to a high quality. During your stay or once you have returned home we ask you to complete a short questionnaire on your homestay experience.