School Self Declaration For COVID-19

For the health and safety of our Students and Hosts, we have created this form for you to declare you are complying with the British Government Guidelines in regards to students traveling from abroad. You are ensuring students are providing a negative test result of COVID-19 before they travel into the UK and follow all quarantine/testing guidelines set by the current and up-to-date Government guidance so that they can safely be placed into a homestay and attend school. You can confirm you hold all information of students’ results, travel history, and track and trace information and will inform us (PHH) of the relevant information before the arrival of any student and during their stay.

Please provide us with detailed information if the student may be high risk or have any medical conditions that can be affected by COVID-19.

By signing this form you are confirming you have provided or will provide Perfect Host Homestay Ltd with all relevant information before the placement of any student(s).