Introduction to Students and Guests

Below we have listed some brief information to help our students and guests when staying in a homestay with hosts.
If you have any further questions or need answers that are not listed below, then please contact us.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, this would be the best time to let your host know of any allergies or any foods you dislike.


Your host will clean the home but you should also, as part of the family, keep your room clean and tidy and clean the bathroom after yourself.


Meals are varied and are what the host would normally prepare. Hosts are not expected to cook food from your home country.


You are reminded to treat your host and other members of the household with respect and kindness.

Use of Telephones

Under no circumstances are you permitted to use the hosts telephone line to make private calls. Speak with the host to arrange a convenient time, remembering time differences for incoming calls from your family.

Problems Between Guests and Hosts

There maybe problems between guests and hosts, in our experience these are not very serious and are easily resolved through communication. If there is still a further ongoing problem please contact us and we will talk to both parties and find the best way to resolve the situation.


Any accidents and breakages that happen within the home, please talk with your host and explain what happened and try to resolve it between yourselves.